Hello, it’s lovely to meet you! Welcome to Designing Leadership. Here’s a bit about me and why I started working on ‘Designing Leadership’:

I’ve been a designer and leader in tech for over a decade now. I’ve worked across a few industries and faced my fair share of challenges along the way. I’d like to spend more time mentoring, reflecting, and writing to share these lessons with you.

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Each week, I’ll share an idea that will help you build and ship new experiences, collaborate more effectively with your peers, and become a more empathetic leader. I’ll share actionable advice that you can apply as you navigate your own path as a leader. I’ll share my experiences along the way and would love to hear about yours as well.

Who is this newsletter for?

It’s for designers, leaders, and makers who want to do great work and empower others to do the same. It’s for those who want to lead proactively regardless of their title and for managers who are looking to build stronger teams.

These are a few factors that inform my perspective and have taught me valuable lessons about all the things I mentioned above:

  • I’ve been a founding designer (twice!) in fast-paced startup environments

  • I’ve been Head of Design, where I built the Design function from scratch

  • I’ve been a facilitator in many discussions about team culture

  • I’ve been a Graphic Designer who transitioned to Product Design early in my career

  • I’ve been in situations where I’ve had to deliver and receive difficult feedback

  • I’ve been making plenty of mistakes along the way and taking learning to the next thing I do

Through the ‘Designing Leadership’ blog/newsletter, I hope to shed light on what has worked well for me and what I’ve noticed has worked for others to help you reflect and make better decisions about the way you work.

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